Sex chat without a email - Mobile chatting with mom and sex stories

by  |  10-Feb-2018 16:37

I never talked about this to my hubby but something changed with the change in my working department.I have been working in a company in the admin deptt. After a few years of working, we found that the owners of the company had decided to sell the company and we found that our top boss was a young energetic man by the name of Dc.

I was afraid that he would get angry with me but , to my surprise he started to get hard again and taking me in his arms he started to fuck me again.

He was hard within no time and his cock was like a steel bar.

Few times he visited my department and I thought he hardly noticed me.

A few months later his secretary went on maternity leave and the HR guys started hunting for a temp hand.

Even in this period he used to fuck me saying it’s impossible for him to do away without sex.

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