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This symbolises, amongst other things, the harnessing of the sexual drive for magical and mystical ends.

This relationship is explored in Liber 418, The Vision and the Voice, in which the Babalon Working is firmly rooted.

Parsons, however, continued to regard himself as Crowley's apostle, and had some eventful years before his explosive end in 1952.

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The purpose of the Babalon Working was the earthing of the force of Babalon to produce an avatar, incarnation or Daughter of Babalon.

This would redeem and bring to fruition the Aeon of Horus, or so Parsons thougth.

Probably the incident best known amongst occultists about Parsons is the Babalon Working, which took place in 1946. R* H*** - the future founder of Sc*** - and Marjorie Cameron, who later married Parsons.

In the course of this Working Parsons received a text of seventyseven short verses which purported to be a communication from the goddess Babalon.

They saw no need for a fourth chapter, let alone one which was channelled through someone as capricious as Jack Parsons.

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